Longboard, Guns, & SUP

Check out our Long Board, SUP, and Gun Designs below including descriptions and photo galleries

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Nose King LongBoard Design

Bulkley_NoseKing_board Bulkley_NoseKing_board2

King nose rider with quad setup and long center singlefin box. Thick wide nose to stand on it for days yet performance veelosity hull and tail. Noserider performance tail. Crazy fun..

Mini LongBoard Design


Fun Mini Long Board for days of smaller surf that can catch waves easily and is also quite manuverable.  Great board to have in your quiver.  Board dimensions (pictured above) is 7’0″ x 22 x 2.75


SUP Board Designs

Bulkley_SUP_board Bulkley_SUP_board2

Shortboard SUP’s for all abilities. Thicker and wide with surfboard attributes to have fun riding small waves on a small board and enough stability so a beginner can ride a shortboard at least much sooner.  Many reasons to have the shorter boards are ease of transport . Put them in the back of an SUV and not have to strap them down. Woman love the fact they are easier to handle. Guys just want to do turns like they surf without the lumber.

And to check more boards in our photo gallery – Click Here

Performance Gun Designs


For some serious big surf, these custom gun board designs can handle solid big waves and provide the performance to suit the waves.

Board dimensions (pictured above) is 9’6″ and 10’0″