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The Hammer Board Design


2-4 inches shorter than a standard tri-fin used in good surf conditions.  Wider nose template with performance bottom contours.  Mid range amount of rocker with average performance lite double concave.  Great in a variety of decent to semi hollow plus waves up to 6 feet or more thanks to the paddle power of the wider area in the nose.  Fast and ready for all big reverses and beyond.  Team rider inspired.

Butta Knife Board Design

Bulkley_Buttaknife_board2 Bulkley_Buttaknife_board

Performance tri-fin, on average 1 to 2 inches longer than your height. For surf averaging 2 to 5 ft semi powerful conditions. Good all around surfboard for intermediate to pro. Single to light double concave. ButtaKnife for 2015: Refined from 2014 slightly more aggressive concave with the same clean lines with average nose and tail rocker to accommodate most wave conditions from 2 to 6 feet ridden close to your same height depending on your physical build and can be slightly customized to suit your needs. fast lose and a great travel board. To view Butta Knife board gallery – Click Here

Snapping Pig Board Design

Bulkley_SnappingPig_Board Bulkley_SnappingPig_Board2

Performance quad or 5 fin. Surfinz adjustable fin setup works best to utilize the 5 fin setup. Adjustable forward and back with FCS tab style or surfinz fins. Does the trick when looking to blast mush off the face of the wave. Able to handle a lot of conditions but mostly for lesser power spots and lined up performance surf. This board does it all, up to you. Fun break the boredom surfboard when conditions are marginal. Ride generally 4 to 6 inches shorter than your performance tri fin.

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Beach Break Board Design

Bulkley_Beachbreak_board2 Bulkley_Beachbreak_board

High performance surfboard in more hollow conditions. Can handle small to slightly bigger surf and options for fin setup depending on the surf.  Can be fun in peaky beachbreak surf and also handle more top to bottom waves and barrels. More aggressive rocker nose and tail, and solid amount of concave through center and tail. Also accentuated curve in the hip area for tighter pocket performance. Fun in most conditions

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Tube Raider Board Design

Bulkley_TubeRaider_board Bulkley_TubeRaider_board2

Stepup from standard performance tri. Starting 2 to 4 inches longer than performance trifin, 3 or 4 inches taller than your height or longer. For good surf over head or hollower style waves. Good all around good surf travel board. Use adjustable Surfinz system and enjoy all that your board can be. Uses FCS tab style fins  or Surfinz fins.

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PolyWog Board Design

Bulkley_Polywog_board Bulkley_Polywog_board2

Smaller wave board that is very versatile. More paddle power like a performance fish, and with the round tail , able to hold in waves with more power. mainly for mushy waves, generally ride 4 to 6 inches shorter than your performance shortboard or 2 to 4 inchesshorter than your height. Has a forward style vee bottom with low rocker. Fuller outline for slower waves, but don’t be surprised that it handles some juice.

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Pysco PolyWog Board Design

Bulkley_PsycoPolywog_board Bulkley_PsycoPolywog_board2

Another version of the PolyWog design. Good for smaller to medium sufe that is very versatile. More paddle power like a performance fish, and with the round tail.  Will work in waves with more power and great for mushy waves. Generally ride 4 to 6 inches shorter than your performance shortboard or 2 to 4 inches shorter than your height.  Fuller outline for slower waves, but don’t be surprised that it handles some juice.


Potato Peeler Board Design


For very small waves and mush conditions. Ended up having a great time on this one in point surf fast and loose, hadled way more with the adjustable boxes from Surfinz. Uses FCS tab style fins along with Surfinz fins. double concave vee throughout. Thicker rails on original and the Pro version more relaxed on foil. Less volume on the Pro version, so ride a touch longer. The original is chunky to skate a bit more on flats or less powerful mush. Original Good for wave pools of lesser quality surf. About 10 inches shorter than your tri fin performance board. General dims at 5’2′ X 22 WIDE AND 3 “” THICK.

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Mush Potato Board Design

Bulkley_MushPotato_board4 Bulkley_MushPotato_board3

Step up from the Potato Peeler, but a little less nose and touch narrower tail. Narrower overall for small less powerfull conditions. Light vee bottom throughout and very flat rocker.

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Geek Exterminator Board Design

Bulkley_GeekExterminator_board2 Bulkley_GeekExterminator_board

Good all around little wave board designed for California lesser power spots at north county san Diego, but able to be versatile enough to ride with a 5th fin, FCS or Surfinz system, and be more of a tool for better waves with the 5 fin setup. Groveler for California style waves, so lookout when you get direct drive speed outta the gate and able to perform like your early days. Vee losity hull bottom with slight double concaves for fast forgiving performance in racey waves and handling plenty to be your head high and under performance wide series. Tall skinny guys can adjust. Should be ridden 3-4 inches shorter than regular performance board and maybe a much as one inch wider. Easy to ride in mushy to semi hollow surf. Tri-fin or quad or quad with trailer all work good with this surfboard. This tail is wider to skate on top of the water and slower wave conditions.  But handles more than you would expect as a quad especially..

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Pro Geek Exterminator Board Design

Bulkley_ProGeek_board Bulkley_ProGeek_board2

This is a more racy version of the Geek Exterminator. The Pro model is like a step up from the wider version. As for the standard Geek Exterminator model ride a couple inches shorter than your height, but for this Pro Geek model (same style slightly racier) should be ridden at your height , generally speaking. And this board model is more like a regular v bottom performance board from the 80’s, just more tuned and 5 boxes.

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Whipper Snapper Board Design

Bulkley_WhipperSnapper Bulkley_WhipperSnapper2

Double wing diamond round nose (5’5″ x 21 x 2.55)
Concave with performance rocker but slightly relaxed. Good small wave board to foot or two overhead. 5 box for tri or quad setup.

Sly Dog Board Design


The original Slydog rounded tail. Semi fish front end  with lower more relaxed rocker. Semi performance tail with paddle power and the ability to handle  some size. Still versatile enough to ride soft head high surf but able to deal with hollow situations. Good 5 fin options for variable fin placement and also a good travel board as it will ride a variety of wave styles. Shorter board in general about inch or two shorter than a surfers height. There are many other options, longer for a cruiser and shorter for high performance.

Slab Monster Board Design

Bulkley_SlabMonster_Board2 Bulkley_SlabMonster_Board

HotDoggy Daddy Board Design

Bulkley_Hotdoggy_board Bulkley_Hotdoggy_board2

Bigger guy performance board with average rocker plus light vee with double concave Center through tail. Generally more volume in this model.

Hipster Board Design

Bulkley_Hipster_board2 Bulkley_Hipster_board

Medium solid single concave relaxed rocker and 5 fin option mainly used as quad but thuster option. Handles a variety of surf , very quick snappy fun all around shape. Good as every day board anywhere. Hollow surf to med soft average California waves. Lot of positive feedback on this model. A must have for any quiver.

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