About Us

Brian shaped for Local Motion, Island Classics, HIC, Lightning Bolt, Wayne Lynch, Lost Enterprises and others. Brian’s boards have been in over 50 stores and in many places around the globe. He shaped his first board at 13 years old and has surfed and shaped for 45 years, with serious professional shaping for over 30 years. Cort Gion from Santa Cruz was his shaping tutor and inspired him to turn to shaping as a career. Having been a boat carpenter out of high school must have helped to see clean lines in the shaping process. Because before long, pros of the 80’s were ordering quivers. Jeff Booth, Luke Egan, Matt Hoy, Damian Hardman, Shuji Kasuya #1 in Japan, and Pipeline Masters Champions, Joey Buran and Larry Blair and many others were riding boards by Brian. Now for many top surfers in Europe and Costa Rica, like Pablo Gutierez riding the new line of All Oceans designed and shaped by Brian. Mostly designed for export to Europe. The latest trips to Europe include La Santa Surf in the Canary Islands.

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