Pipeline Tube by Jim Russi Photo

Bulkley Surfboard designs have a wide range of surf board models that suit high performance surfing, big and small waves, or just a fun session with friends on a quality hand-crafted surfboard. Brian Bulkley has been living a surfing dream. At age 8, a near drowning delayed the charge. At 12 years old, with better instruction from his older brother Andy, Brian was ready to surf sun up till sundown every day. That was the beginning of a lifestyle that would eventually lead to living 15 years in Hawaii, traveling for two months in Central America at 19 years old, and shaping for many top companies in Hawaii, California, and European travel shaping for Lost Enterprises. Never been worried about chasing the dollar as much as making top of the line surfboards and enjoying the ride that life has to offer.

Bulkley Surfboards is located in San Clemente, California which is known for a Southern California surf community with quality waves and has been a breeding ground for great surfers over the years. As this city being one of the most popular surf cities in Southern California makes an ideal location for surfboard shaping. Brian has shapped boards for surfers all over the world including places like Europe, Canary Islands, South America, Hawaii, East and West coast of the U.S., Central America, and several other countries.